GIS Analyst Developer

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Massey Agritech Partnership, College of Sciences
Palmerston North

Massey University through its newly formed Massey Agritech Partnership is looking to fill two new research and development positions. These will be in the following areas. GIS Analyst/ Developer, and Statistical Modeler Programmer.

The requirement is to work in the area of hyperspectral imagery. The unit operates an aircraft mounted Fenix VIS/NIR/SWIR pushbroom sensor from Specim used to generate hyperspectral information as well as a structure from motion system used to develop corresponding Digital Surface Models (DSM). Further laboratory based VIS/NIR/SWIR imaging equipment is also utilised.

Experience, knowledge and a level of proficiency in the following would be expected; R, Python, MySQL, ENVI, ArcGIS and ArcPro. Further computing languages, statistical packages and methodologies would also be an advantage.

One position will be concentrated on developing automated workflows for handling hyperspectral imagery. The second is to provide greater support around statistical analysis and modelling of hyperspectral data. Both positions will operate over a small number of projects with similar requirements.

GIS Analyst / Developer. The major requirement is to develop workflows which take research findings to a commercial offering. The work is related to the implementation of a new system to inform agricultural management from hyperspectral remote sensing and imaging. The research phase has been completed and the next requirement is to develop a commercially viable system which can inform land management with a major client.

Closing date: 19 August 2018
Reference number: G251-18CA