David Gaworski


•    5 years experience in Customer Service

•    6 years experience with ArcGIS 10.1-10.5

•    Proficiency with Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Network Analyst, etc.

•    5 years experience with Data Visualization

•    4 years experience with Python web scraping

•    4 years project management experience

•    5 years of research and analytical skills

•    4 years experience coding python based geospatial tools and applications

•    1 years experience with ArcGIS Deep Learning tools and notebooks

•    4 years experience developing online websites and applications


·    City of Plano Soundex – PHP and Python based web application that runs the input street name against the SQL Server Database to compare with the MasterStreetName Table, Vetted Streets Table, and generates a return of like sounding street names, matches, or reserved street names to assist planners in the street name approval process.

·    City of Wylie – Notification Tool – Python geoprocessing service to assist Planning, Engineering, and Building inspections in the automated process of creating a notification map, mailing list, and mailing labels. Output generates emails all of the PDF and XSLX to the typed in email.

·    City of Wylie – Alexa / Google Voice Query – Alexa and Google Voice powered interface for GIS queries. This utilizing new NG-911 data to query intersects and buffers for the input information.




B.S. Geography / GIS Certification at University of North Texas



GIS Consultant at Self-employed


GIS Technician at City of Plano


GIS Analyst / Manager at City of Wylie

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