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I am an honour graduate from the University of Auckland with a background in marine science and geography, specialising in GIS and the coastal environment. I am confident in utilising a range of remote sensing programmes and have conducted multiple studies using remote sensing and surveying techniques to understand coastal morphodynamics, population distribution, spatial distribution and more. I am an efficient worker aiming to help a company accomplish their goals while gaining more experience in the GIS field.


December 2013 – present
Recreation assistant, Auckland Council

  • I’m a key holder for my site and is responsible for running my centre once a week.
  • Competent in cash handling and banking reconciliation.
  • I am continuously engaging with customers both online and in person to help them with their needs.
  • Facilitate a safe programme for the school holidays for children aged 5-13yrs.
  • Complete health and safety forms and ensure staff are up to date with any changes to provide a safe work environment.

May 2018 – August 2018 (Volunteer)
Marine research intern, Auckland whale and dolphin safari

  • Visual surveying to locate and identify aquatic mammal species (mostly common dolphins, Bryde’s whales, bottlenose dolphins and orca/killer whales).
  • Data collection during marine mammal encounters (photo-ID, GPS, environmental data, behavioural data) and other marine life encounters (ranging from plankton to megafauna).
  • Interacting with passengers one-on-one and over the PA system.
  • I am assisting the crew with general duties during particularly busy periods.
  • I am updating sightings databases, photo processing and other tasks associated with marine research.

May 2016 – October 2016 (Volunteer)
Seal advocate, Department of Conservation & Project jonah New Zealand

  • Monitor seal behaviour.
  • Take a biopsy sample from the deceased seal from the tail for analysis and bury the animal.
  • Hand out brochures to people with information on how to stay safe around the seal and what they need to do if they come across the seal.


2018 – 2018
Bachelor of Science (hons), The University of Auckland
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Geography. The focus of my dissertation was on the “Spatial distribution of chenier building molluscs in Miranda” to understand the relationship between molluscs and the chenier plain. The study utilised my skills that I have developed using ArcGIS to demonstrate the spatial distribution of molluscs throughout the mudflats and the modern chenier plain in Miranda. Alongside my dissertation, I continued to study coastal dynamics and utilise GIS tools in different contexts such as mapping the occurrences of traffic incidents in the Auckland region.

2015 – 2017
Bachelor of Science, The university of Auckland
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and majored in marine science and geography. Throughout my degree, my studies have focused on the marine and coastal environment especially in the New Zealand context. I have developed a range of practical skills that has allowed me to conduct experiments, analyse images, objects such as sediment, fishes and algae, and to understand coastal morphodynamics by utilising specialised equipment along with surveying. I have also worked in remote sensing using several programs such as ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, MATLAB, and Net Logo to complete maps, simulations, and basic coding.

  • 2010 – 2014
    NCEA level 3, Edgewater College, Auckland
    Biology, Chemistry, Music, Classical Studies, Statistics.


  • Capable of using ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, MATLAB, Net Logo to study satellite images, create simulations, mapping and cartography.
  • Able to complete the work assigned to me even when many other things are happening at the same time. For example, at a university where it is a busy place with multiple due dates.
  • Open to expressing my ideas while taking in the opinions and perspectives of others.
  • Confident in time management to ensure objectives is completed on time and to a high standard.
  • Experience conducting fieldwork in both the coastal and marine environment
  • Confident in engaging with people from different backgrounds both internal and external individuals.
  • Efficiently work in a team environment whereby I am a senior member of my work team and engages with the junior staff to ensure the programme runs smoothly while allowing individuals to gain confidence in themselves.

During my free time, I enjoy being active and outdoors. To achieve this, I play hockey regularly while also attending my local gym three times a week. I enjoy working with animals and don’t mind giving up some of my hours to do volunteer work such as looking after animals and helping around the community.

Referees are available on request



BSc(Hons) - Geography at University of Auckland

Dissertation: Spatial distribution of chenier building molluscs in Miranda.
Papers: Geospatial, coastal, marine.


BSc - Geography, Marine Science at University of Auckland

Papers: Geospatial, coastal, marine, animals, Japanese.


2013 - Present

Recreation Assistant at Auckland Council

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