Muryadi Lou


•   Skilled IT professional with more than 10 years of experience in infrastructure, 7 years in Enterprise GIS applications and 2 years in team lead.

•   Extensive experience working with Esri ArcGIS suite (server, desktop, mobile, extensions and ArcSDE) in enterprise environment, QGIS, spatial data integration, spatial database modeler, and automation using scripting languages (Python/VB script).

•   Experience and knowledge of application system development principles and standards especially related to spatial data integration.

•   Expert knowledge of ETL and data integration techniques.

•   Experience in infrastructure applications such as AWS, Azure, Citrix Presentation Server and VMWare (IaaS, SaaS).

•   In depth knowledge of configuration management of Windows operating systems, including DNS, DHCP, WINS, Active Directory, Group Policy, security groups, organizational units, site topology, replication, troubleshooting.

•   Proficiency in Python and experience with machine learning and data analysis libraries such as pandas, numpy, scipy and scikit-learn.

•   Experience in Model Development, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Data Visualization, DataClearing/Management  and Database Management.

•   Results oriented professional who enjoys working in a fast-paced and agile development environment that support, predict and improve customers outcomes.

•   Change Management process standards & ITIL best practices.

•   Train and mentor through presentations, workshops and trainings.


Software/Application: ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Mobile, ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, ClickFox, Spotfire, KNIME, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hadoop, Spark, Geoportal, Geoserver, Quantum GIS, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, IIS, Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, Adobe Photoshop.

Programming Languages: Python, Jupyter, Django, VBscript, JavaScript, Flex, Model Builder, SQL.

Server Software: Microsoft Windows Server OS, Clustering, VMWare Virtual Center, VMware vMotion, Linux OS.

·   ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation

·   Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Auto Scaling

·   Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Scalability and Elasticity


·   AWS Solutions Architect Associate

·   Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Server Administrator

·   Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

·   Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA)

·   BMC Bladelogic Server Automation Certified Operator
Blue Raster, Dec 2018 – Present

(GIS Solution services-Esri Partner)

GIS Architect

·   Review project requirements and recommend appropriate hardware and/or software configurations.

·   Provide technical assistance in architecting and engineering of Geospatial systems.

·   Design and Implement AWS architectures and environments.

·   Manage, support and performance tune client’s ArcGIS Enterprise platform.

·   Create documentation, training materials and technical portions of project proposals.

·   Design and implement Backup, Network Security and Disaster Recovery strategies.

·   Develop custom backend application using Python to automate, extract, transform and load data.

·   Evaluate new/emerging technologies and how they might be of use to Blue Raster and Blue Raster’s clients.

·         Designed and Implemented Enterprise GIS infrastructure for some non-profit organizations on their Cloud environment within two weeks.

·         Implemented pro-active monitoring system for current infrastructure to meet SLA requirement.

LibertyIT, May 2017 – November 2018

(Contract position assigned to Department of Veterans Affairs)

Senior Geospatial Engineer

·   Assigned to customer, Department of Veterans Affairs, to manage, administered for ongoing support and maintenanced ESRI ArcGIS products 10.3 (Server, Desktop, AGOL ArcGIS Online, GeoEvent, Geoportal), ArcSDE running on Microsoft SQL, File Geodatabase, GeoServer.

·   Designed, delivered and implemented ArcGIS 10.5 environment to replace ArcGIS 10.3. to meet current technology which using big data, spatiotemporal and geo real time event.

·   Designed and implemented spatial data governance that will be used by other departments.

·   Developed, implemented, tuned and monitored current ETL processes.

·   Generated different styles of graphs (utilizing ggplot2 package and QGIS) to visualize data spatial patterns and analysis results.

·   Used programming languages and other analytic techniques to develop statistical algorithms and models, machine learning, and visualizations for modeling purposes.

·   Prepared technical reports, presentations (value, design, insights, etc.), and status briefings to communicate status and results.

·   Identified opportunties and recommended strategies for process and monitoring improvement.

·         Migrated customers ArcGIS Platform from 10.3 to 10.5.1 within 6 months  and transformed their workflow to follow ITIL practices.

·         Upgraded ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.5.1 to 10.6.1 with minimum impact within one month.
Atos, July 2016 – April 2017

(a managed services)

Data Architects- Geospatial Subject Matter Expert

·   Assigned to customer, Monsanto, to manage, administrate for the ongoing support and maintenance ESRI ArcGIS products (Server, Desktop, AGOL ArcGIS Online, GeoEvent, Geoportal), ArcSDE running on Oracle 11g databases, File Geodatabase, GeoServer, PostgreSQL and other.
·   Participated in and/or lead the development of deliverable content that meets the needs of the clients and contracts.

·   Collaborated with staff members to anticipate client needs and formulate solutions to client issues.

·   Automated the production of data-based reports, proposals and other client deliverables.

·   Effectively executed and communicated complex analysis and insights to various stakeholders.

·   Delivered data-driven insights, produced timely and actionable information and helped drive business results.

·   Created descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics & reporting solutions.

·   Developed, tested and maintained ETL configuration and baseline within  Windows server environment.

·   Utilized machine learning in data analysis: linear regression, classification, K-Nearest Neighbors, trend analysis.

·   Developed Python codes to retrieve data, data mining  from external databases through REST API calls, analysis, cleaning and formattting.

·   Developed web apps with R- Shiny and Forms in Spotfire.

·   Utilized machine-learning to solve supervised and unsupervised learning problems.

·    Used machine learning methods such as gradient boosting tree, random forest, and logistic regression etc. from caret package to target useful agronomic features for crop hybrid selection.

·   Analyzed Raster and Vector data through GRASS plugin in QGIS.

·   Visualized spatial patterns and analysis results using different tools (ggplot, plotly, QGIS, Tableau, Spotfire, Google Map API, Leaflet.js, d3.js, and dc.js)

·   Brought data to life through effective visualizations and storytelling.

·   Developed recommendations for process improvements.

·   Provided WebLogic support by response to incident, task, troubleshoot and make recommendations for long term resolution of problems across the enterprise.

·   Worked closely with the application development organization and other functional IT areas to determine best practices, tuning, and problem resolution and root cause analysis in the Middleware space.
·   Recommended strategies for process and monitoring improvement.

·   Involved in competition by collaborate with other Atos colleagues around the globe.

·         Completed four customers journey experiences which comprises of customers’ ServiceNow data and Remedy Data.

·         Decreased repeatable issues on customers journey by 93%, Decreased open ticket by 88% and Decreased multiple hops tickets by 90% by using Journey Analytics.

Monsanto Company HQ, St. Louis, MO. Oct 2011 – July 2016

(an agricultural company)

Geospatial Data Engineer

·   Managed, administrated for the ongoing support and maintenance ESRI ArcGIS products (Server, Desktop, AGOL ArcGIS Online, GeoEvent, Geoportal), ArcSDE running on Oracle 11g databases, File Geodatabase, GeoServer, PostgreSQL and other.

·   Lead in design and implement of Enterprise GIS infrastructure and integrate it to internal applications.

·   Received, organized, cleaned, stored and managed external data from government or private sources to make sure accuracy/integrity as required creating and maintaining cross-departmental decision support systems.

·   Researched, analyzed day to day operation and incident to build automation procedures and jobs using python or other applications.

·   Provided expertise and programs utilizing tools in relate to data problems employing statistical skills and developing predictions using ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and other ArcGIS extensions.

·   My work supported precision agriculture, environmental classification, weather forecasting, regulatory compliance, and more–all to increase crop yields while reducing inputs and grower operating costs and safeguarding the environment.

·   Provided geospatial support to internal teams (Business Analysts, Developers, and Geospatial Analysts) with data development, data scrubbing and analysis.

·   Provided GIS services to various internal clients such as Breeder, Agronomist, Electrical Engineer, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Network Engineer and other departments.

·   Supervised and trained GIS Analysts in the daily support tasks and effective use of GIS applications and reports.

·         Created aspatial analytic to pick on Grocery Distribution Center location based on various datasets such as grocery stores, competitor stores, local farmers, income and etc.

·         Created an analytic prediction map to identify which area has worst impact on insect invasion based on climate data, terrain data, soil data and previous year yield result.

·         Redesigned and Implemented enterprise GIS environment to support business objective and meet enterprise application requirements within 6 months.

·         Won most innovative script by reducing time spent on password change from 24 business hours to 2 business hours.Built a python script to change data connection account password in Oracle and update ArcGIS map/feature services without republish one by one.

Monsanto Company HQ, St. Louis, MO. Aug 2008 – Sep 2011

(an agricultural company)

Windows Server System Administrator

·   Supported multi-sites, multi-domains, more than 2000 servers, enterprise Windows 2003 Active Directory environment, including DHCP, DNS, WINS, Group Policy, replication, etc

·   Escalation engineer provides 24X7 deep technical troubleshooting for escalated issues that involve most technically complex.

·   Worked with customers, as escalation contact for Windows server customers with questions about their servers. Answered the phone when they called and responded to support tickets, as well as talked to customers over instant messenger/phone or email.

·   Created, implemented and supported compliance automation in BMC Bladelogic Server Automation, to meet industry standard compliances such as SOX, ISO.

·   Applied OS patches and upgraded on a regular basis, and upgraded administrative tools and utilities.

·   Managed print services and IP addresses for the printers where applicable.

·   Worked with the developers and other system administrators to increase server efficiency.

·         Collaborated and implemented automation task for server compliance using BMC Bladelogic Server Automation. Using this automation, company could present servers data to auditor in hours compare to days in previously and also this automation could auto remedy servers that not meet standard.

·         Consolidated and improved document for company disaster recovery exercise from Active Directory separation perspective.


• UNIVERSITY OF GÄVLE, Gävle, Sweden. (
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Concentrate in Microwave Engineering), Sep 2003 – May 2005.
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Concentrate in Telecommunication), Sep 1993 – Sep 1998.

• Communication Networks (ComNets) RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Aachen, Germany. 2004. (
Research activities: The background of this research was the need of high throughput communication system in WLAN IEEE 802.11x and multi hop and decentralize method.
• INSTITUTE FOR INFOCOMM RESEARCH (I2R) – A*STAR, Singapore. 2004 – 2005. (
Research activities: One of the drawbacks in OFDM system is Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO). I proposed a new method of CFO estimation for OFDM system, called Weighted Subspace Fitting (WSF) method. This method is superior to other methods e.g. subspaced and ML methods.

•   Weighted Subspace Fitting Method for Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in OFDM System
A Master Thesis, 2005.

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