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Spatial Analyst and Environmental expert

New Zealand

An organized, precise, and adaptable spatial analyst with years of experience in designing, maintaining, and analyzing spatial datasets as well as mapping.


•         Creating custom maps by GIS related software such as ArcGIS Apps and QGIS

•         Carrying out Site investigations to data collection and the GIS dataset generation

•         Experience in working within multi-disciplinary teams as well as the internal and external stakeholder

•         Working with various development projects for technical support and providing geospatial advice over route planning, design, and construction phases

•         Providing consultation for digital environmental impacts and risk assessment of various projects

•         Professional in land planning and management


Key achievements:

•         Playing a critical role in local and national scale projects

•         Success in Generating high-quality GIS maps and developing technical advice for various stakeholders

•         Increased performance and facilitated growth of the company

•         Offered plans for enhancement in time efficiency of projects


Core Competencies:

•         Dataset generation and management

•         ArcGIS core apps

•         Analysis and research

•         Client Relations

•         Project Coordination



•         Esri Core products (Arc Map , ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Survey 123, ArcGIS Story Maps)

•         QGIS

•         R2V (Raster to Vector Conversion Software)

•         Google Earth

•         Python

•         Decision-Making Software (Expert Choice)

•         Statistics Analysis Software (Minitab)

•         MS office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Outlook)


Academic Education:

•         M.Sc. in Environmental Studies (2019- November 2020) Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

•         M.Sc. in Natural resources engineering (2003-2006) Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

•         B.Sc. in Agriculture Engineering (1999-2002). The University of Monageng Ardebili, Iran.


Work experience:

-GIS Demonstrator

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. (July 2020- Present)

Demonstrating the use of ArcGIS Pro, giving guidance to students on practical exercises of GIS course, marking student tests

-Tutor in Environmental studies course

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. (July 2020- Present)

Guiding students to understand the nature of New Zealand’s biophysical environment, its threats and condition, Conducting group discussions about environmental and resource management issues in terms of national strategies and the goal of sustainability

-Spatial Analyst

Intern in Waiheke Resource Trust, New Zealand. (May 2020- August 2020)

Creating ArcGIS Online Web maps for using the Collector App in the field, preparing spatial database and outcome maps for annual reports of different projects. Involving to create story maps.

-Spatial analyst and Environmental Technical Expert

Mahab Tadbir Delta, Consulting Engineers Company, Tehran, Iran. (Dec 2011-Aug 2019)

Analysing geodatabase and providing useful information for various stakeholders especially transport and resource planners, managing field surveys for building GIS datasets, creating custom maps by GIS related software, economic valuation of natural resource assets and environmental damages, quantifying and mapping land use and ecosystem changes over time, providing environmental management plans for development projects, leading diverse digital Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects.

-Spatial analyst, Natural Resource and Environment Technical Expert

Ideh Pardazan Tosseh, Consulting Engineers Company, Tehran, Iran. (Feb 2010-Dec 2011)

Using GIS software to analyse the spatial and non-spatial information, creating thematic maps for environmental and educational purposes, preparing methodology and detailed initial plan of work for carrying out projects

-Natural Resource and Environmental Technical Expert

Rooyan, Consulting Engineers Company, Tehran, Iran. (Apr 2008-Feb 2010)

Leading participatory GIS projects for capacity building and involving the local community in the decision-making process, zoning of protected areas using GIS-based layers, estimating tourism carrying capacity in protected areas by biophysical and socio-cultural parameters.

-Land-use planner, Natural Resource, and Environment coordinator

Amayesh Mantaghei Falat, Consulting Engineers Company, Tehran, Iran. (Aug 2006-Apr 2008)

Gathering and analyzing physical and ecological characteristics for integrated catchment management and land use planning projects, Interaction and coordination with the experts of various sectors and arranging meetings, providing an integrated timetable for projects to finish the project in time with a reasonable ration of project benefit/cost, Presenting information and GIS data to clients and stakeholders in verbal or written format.




Environmental studies at Victoria University of Wellington

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