Sibghat Ullah


GIS Specialist Developer


55 –A/ 1 Off Feroz Pur Road Lahore
(+92) 3214122945
More than eight years of experience in the area of GIS application development, data processing and
analysis on most of the enterprise tools available for GIS. In my career span, worked on various GIS
software’s including ArcGIS, ArcEngine, ArcGIS Portal & Online, ArcGIS Server and many OpenSource
Software’s. Have experience of designing and implementation of Geodatabases, GIS Mapping, Software
Programming and testing concepts for GIS applications. I have attended several training courses on GIS
analysis, computer programming and electrical analysis using GIS. I’m an experienced GIS
Specialist/Developer who love technology and enjoy working hard to build great solutions and experiences.
Sep-2009-Mar-2012 MS. Remote Sensing & GIS, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad
Sep-2005-Aug-2009 B.Sc. (Hons.) Computational Physics, University of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
 Technical GIS
 GIS Applications
 Spatial Data Management
 Spatial Analysis
 Remote Sensing
 Technical IT
 Application Support
 System’s Integration
 Database
 Application Development
Pitco Pvt Ltd, GIS Specialist/Developer July 2018 till date
Managing day-to-day operations of GIS Department including personnel administration, staff and resource
allocation, project proposal writing, budgeting, and utilization forecasting.
Punjab Energy Efficient Municipal Service Delivery funded by World Bank
 Conducting GIS survey to map coordinates of street lights, water pumps, buildings of 16 municipalities in
Punjab province
 Application development using ArcGIS Desktop .Net Addin
Pre-Feasibility Study of Rehabilitation and new small Hydropower projects in Gilgit-
Baltistan, Pakistan
 GIS survey to map coordinates of all operational powerhouses in two District (Hunza- Nazar)
 Determined the number of possibly connected households (no. of persons) and list all
possible commercial electricity use
Pre-Feasibility Study of Mari 280 MW CC
 Conducted survey for Mari 280MW CC Equipment Transportation study
 Site Selection for Mari 280 MW CC Power Plant
Dawood Engineering Consultancy Oman, GIS Specialist/Developer Mar 2015~ April 30th 2018
•Develop WebGIS Applications using ArcGIS Server & Portal (JavaScript and Python API) and Desktop Applications
based on ESRI’s ArcObjects/Python platform
•Participate actively in the design, development, and management of associated RDBMS using ARCSDE Sql
Server and Oracle
•Interact regularly with GIS Engineers and GIS Analysts to ensure that web presentation of data is consistent with
internal databases and their processes and methods
•Build tools and processes in conjunction with other engineering and product teams for the on-time, quality
release of data products, services, and applications
•Participate as needed in development and project proposal meetings with key partners and customer
GIS Developer/Specialist: Dawood Engineering Consultancy, Oman
Deputed as GIS Specialist at British Petroleum Oman
 Managing an Enterprise GIS solution integrating ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS, which included
development of web maps, and web applications using templates and ArcGIS Web App Builder.
 GIS workflows to facilitate Operations Group with wells, sub-surface infrastructure, PODS using ArcGIS
Model Builder, FME and Python.
Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC (RAECO) in Muscat, Oman
Applications / Tools Developed and task performed for RAECO
 Build Tool for Generating Summary Reports for Feeders
 GIS Missing Customers Application
 Python Tool for Tracing customers with connected Transformers
 Monitoring Daily GIS (Users and Feeders) Activities
 Python GIS/CAD Conversion Tool with annotations and symbology
 RAECO Invoice Application
 Training to REACO GIS Staff on Development
“Haya Water GIS application Techno Functional & Application Database Administration Support
 Customize ARCGIS WebApp builder JavaScript API to build web applications
 Integrate CRM data with GIS and Building new tools in FME to load data into HayaGeodatabase
 Design and Monitor activities of the Field Survey Teams working to collect GPS data.
 Deploying, Maintaining and Administering ArcSDE Geodatabase (HayaCustomers) and Portal for ArcGIS
GIS Developer ~June 2016: Build Web application for Electrical utility for Petroleum
Development Oman(PDO)
 Develop GIS python scripts for Feeder tracing without using Arc FM
 Python script for Printing Web maps with Feeder Details.
 Publish GIS Web Map Services on ArcGIS server
 Customize Web App builder JavaScript API
GIS Developer/Specialist: Dawood Engineering Consultancy, Oman
 Develop GIS python scripts to improve geo processing and spatial analysis
 Experience in 3d Data Modeling DEMs using Aerial Photographs from UAVs.
 Build an Application using ArcGIS Online for Water leakage complaint Management (register location
based complaint of any leakage or breakage) (Pilot Project sample)
 Build Tool for PAEW to automatically populating and updating attribute data on the basis of spatial
 Deploying, Maintaining and Administering ArcSDE Geodatabases (Electrical Utility)
PITCO,GIS Specialist Dec2011-Mar-2015
Assists in GIS customized standalone application for one of the major projects of USAID Power Distribution
Improvement Program in Pakistan. Assist in Designing and updating geodatabase. With key responsibilities:
 Lead the team of GIS and database professionals
 Assist in supervision of theField SurveyTeams
 Planning & Execution of Electric Consumer Census
 Monitor the daily activities of the Field Survey Teams working to collect GPS data
 Maintenance of Spatial & NonSpatial Database
 Building computer model of electric distribution systems for engineering analysis in SynerGEE
 Training of WAPDA Official on ArcGIS and SynerGEE
 ArcGIS Desktop Customization using Arcobjects and Python
 Develop data entry Application
 Prepare weekly/monthly reports for the management
GIS based Electric Utility Consumer Census, Funded by USAIDPDIP
The project aims to collect GIS and electric utility consumer data from Multan and Peshawar for load profile
Identification, consumer personal data, electric appliances record and other information for purposes. Key
responsibilities were to Supervise, direct, assign task to staff, processing employee concerns and problems,
directing work, coordinates daily work activities, organize, assist with complex/problem situations and provide
technical expertise.
Worked as GIS Consultant Developer in TEAMGIS Mar2014-Feb-2015
 Develop GIS scripts for Navigation routing
 Transform GIS to CAD using (Python and ArcGIS Model builder)
 Build web application using Openlayers and Geoserver
Worked in Citipulse under project “Master Plan to Develop Murree as a
Pollution Free Tourist Town”
Worked in MMP
Prepared and maintained geodatabase for Landuse and Land cover for
Worked in Agha Khan Foundation. Prepared maps for basic health and school facilities March2011
in district Chitral.
Final Thesis Project(MS-2010)
Development of Wireless System Network for Crop Irrigation of NUSTH-12 using advance GIS techniques.
Development Environment was .net framework using C# and software development kit of Esri’s ArcGIS
Term Project(MS-2009)
Spatial Decision Support System for Sprinkler Irrigation system
 Tracking the Potential Disaster of Lake on River Hunza using RS/GIS Techniques
 Change Analysis of Baltero Glaciers using RS/GIS Techniques using ArcGIS geo processing tools and
Erdas Imagine
 Catchment of Rawal Lake using ArcHydro
 Montecarlo Simulation of Qantum Ideal Gas
 Awarded Scholarship 3 times for 2nd highest CGPA at the Punjab University.
 Secured 1st Position in Software Competition in 8th All Pakistan Software, Multimedia, Speed
Programming and Quiz Competition at GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Topi
 Converted old Geodatabase into new schema for all 5DISCO’s.
 Developed python scripts for clients without purchasing Advanced license
GIS Skills: ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server (Flex and JavaScript) API, ArcEngine, ArcObjects, ArcFm, ArcGIS Pro, ArcSDE,
ArcGIS Online and Portal, Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Model Builder, ArcGIS Mobile, Operations Dashboard,
Geoanalytics, FME, VBA and Python Scripting and Addin, PowerBI, MapSource, Erdas Imagine, Global Mapper,
Geoserver, Openlayers, leaflet, QGIS, PostGIS,Hadoop, AutoCAD,ODK,Google Earth and API, Garmin and Trimble
GPS, Web Servers (IIS, Apache), SynerGEE Electric.
Programming Skills: C#,C++,Pyhton,R,pandas,numPy, HTML, Javascript, Dojo, Bootstrap,ASP.NET ,SQL Server ,
Oracle, MS Access Database, MS Office, Pivot Table, Crystal Reports, Mathematica
 SynerGEE Electric Training Course conducted by GL Nobel Denton
 Open Source GIS and its Application by “PalmChip Technology”
 Introduction to ARCGIS PRO Esri Muscat
 Spatiotemporal Big Data Store
 Webinar: Redefine Spatial Analytics with Insights for ArcGIS
 Discovering Spatial Insights from Your Big Data
 Go Deeper with Data Analytics Using ArcGIS Pro and R
 ESRI – Introduction to ArcGIS Server
 Entrepreneurship Challenges at“SCEE– NUST”
 3days training on Ubuntu
 Creating and Editing Geodatabase Features with ArcGIS Desktop(for ArcEditor and
 Mobile GIS:Creating Web Maps for Lightweight Mobile Apps
 Basics of JavaScript Web Apps
 Understanding GIS Queries
 Pro SDK: Build a Feature Construction Tool
 SERVIR Himalaya Youth Forum in Pakistan

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