extension of current members to 2020/21 Membership year

To take its role in supporting economic recovery in our post-COVID-19 world, the NZEUG Committee has decided that all existing NZEUG members, as at 1st June 2020, will be given a free one-year extension to their membership for the upcoming 2020-2021 membership year.
The offer is conditional on maintaining the current level of membership each member held. Basically, whatever level of membership each person held will be carried over to the new membership year.
Any new membership applications will be treated as normal and the standard fees will apply.
Also, if you would like to change your level of membership, this will be treated like any new membership application.
This decision is simply the Committee wanting to ensure that they are supporting their existing members at the times that matter most. The committee is fully aware of the impact Covid-19 had on our industry, businesses and in turn some of the people within it.
Although this will have a fiscal impact on the committee and may limit what can be achieved within the next membership year, the committee believes that this is the right thing to do for its members.
The committee would like to ask that members support this decision and understand that there may be impacts to ventures usually undertaken by the committee in the coming 12 months.
The committee would also like to thank you to our Partners; Eagle TechnologyGeographic Business Solutions and AllTerra for their support in this matter.
If anyone has any concerns or questions about this decision please feel free to contact the NZEUG Chairperson directly at chairperson@nzeug.org

Winner of free Full memberships to NZEUG 2019-2020

NZEUG are pleased to announce the winner of free “Full memberships” to NZEUG 2019-2020 associated with Video booth competition that we ran 12-14 August at NZEUC 2019. Congratulations to our winner: Sean Audain (WCC), Dale Harris (Abley), Meghan Cheong (Eagle Technology), Nabin Paudel (Veolia), Greg Stevenson (GPSit). We would also like to thank all the people who made their time and effort to visit our booth and participate in the competition and recorded their thoughts about everything GIS.

See you all at your AGM 2019

We hope that you are attending NZEUC this year and will take time to come along to your AGM which is at 2pm Tuesday 13th in the Epsom 1 & 2 Rooms.

Also, if you are attending NZEUC feel free to call into our booth in the Community Hub and catch up with the committee.

Once again we will have our video booth setup for you to record your thoughts about everything GIS. We’re doing things a little different this year – make a video in our booth and go into a random draw to win one of five free Full memberships to NZEUG for 2020.

NZEUC 2019 Complimentary Student Registrations

We are always wanting to help students of GIS.
This year we decided to offer the chance for our existing Student Members to attend the NZ Esri Users Conference for free.
Well, actually we will cover their registration costs.
Although most of our Student Members would like to attend, at times it’s not always possible.
But we are super excited to announce that Luke Sussex & Affan Rachman, both from AUT in Auckland, will now be attending NZEUC.
When asked how attending NZEUC would benefit them; they both agree about the power of networking and seeing GIS being used in real-world scenarios.
So, if you’re at NZEUC this year; and you meet Luke and Affan be sure to talk about what it is that you do and how you are applying the Science of Where.

Applications Open for Eagle GIS- GALoP-X Winter 2019

NZEUG (in association with Eagle Technology) is super excited to announce that our “Full Members” are now eligible for a 10% discount if they are accepted onto the GALoP-X program.

GALoP-X is a six week programme designed to close the skills gap; developed to quickly bring emerging spatial professionals up to speed with the use and application of the latest geospatial technology. It aims to grow and develop the participant’s skills to a level where they can make significant contributions to their organisations.

For more information on the program click here

Entries are open for the 2019 New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards (NZSEA)

The NZSEA recognises the achievements of the spatial industry and showcases the projects of top performing professionals and organisations. They are looking for entries from anyone who has worked on an exciting or innovative project in the last year.

Visit www.nzsea.org to find out more. There’s a bunch of new resources online to help you prepare your award-winning entry.

Entries closes Sunday, 30 June 2019.

2019 RUCs are complete!

We were lucky to have Joseph Kerski, Esri Education Manager attend 4 of our RUCs last month.
All be it a very busy schedule – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin in just four days; Joseph shared his views on everything geospatial with over 400 RUC attendees collectively.
We seem to have made an impression on him as he put together this video after he left us.
Special thanks to Eagle Technology for supporting us to bring Joseph to Aotearoa.